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Re: _mac_applications patch for Mac OS X 10.4

Hi Bill,

On 2005/05/12, at 3:32, William Scott wrote:

I wrote an augmented open function and hacked an _open completion for it based on Motoi's version. The open function and its dependencies are here:


This gives open a few extra (non-apple) arguments, like open -p to open preference panes, open -w to open widgets, open -x to open x11 apps, and so forth.
I checked your zsh-templates Fink package some time ago. I think your extensions are very useful, but some scripts seem to be written by copying and modifying files from original zsh distribution. It is not efficient and I hope you can write your scripts by just calling original functions, although I've not looked at your code well and have no idea about that for now. :(

Also I hacked the _fink completion function and made a function fink (same page) that updates the cache after an installation, update, and so on.

Please feel free to incorporate and/or improve any of these. I wrote them to learn shell scripting so they are unlikely to be works of art.

Motoi Washida

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