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Re: _mac_applications patch for Mac OS X 10.4

Dear Motoi:

As I said, they are not works of art.

In the case of the open and fink completions, I had written my own
functions but when yours were made available I saw that they were much
superior in almost every respect, but being highly impatient I hacked out
what I used for faster completions and grafted or tricked your completions
into using my hacks.

As you say, it is unlikely the best or most efficient way to do this, but
at least it is a proof of principle.

With OS X 10.4, the problem at least for _open is now much easier, and if
some clever person comes up with an instantaneous replacement for making a
call to "fink index" after every update or install command, that obviously
would be of tremendous benefit too.

For the record, I put comments like this at the top of the files that I

# Author:  Motoi Washida
# modified by W G Scott
# Nov 28, 2004 from the
# November 12 2004 CVS version

All the best,


On Sat, 14 May 2005, Motoi Washida wrote:

> Hi Bill,
> On 2005/05/12, at 3:32, William Scott wrote:
> > I wrote an augmented open function and hacked an _open completion for
> > it based on Motoi's version.  The open function and its dependencies
> > are here:
> >
> > http://www.chemistry.ucsc.edu/%7Ewgscott/mystuff/zsh_tree.html
> >
> > This gives open a few extra (non-apple) arguments, like open -p to
> > open preference panes, open -w to open widgets, open -x to open x11
> > apps, and so forth.
> I checked your zsh-templates Fink package some time ago. I think your
> extensions are very useful, but some scripts seem to be written by
> copying and modifying files from original zsh distribution. It is not
> efficient and I hope you can write your scripts by just calling
> original functions, although I've not looked at your code well and have
> no idea about that for now. :(
> > Also I hacked the _fink completion function and made a function fink
> > (same page) that updates the cache after an installation, update, and
> > so on.
> >
> > Please feel free to incorporate and/or improve any of these.  I wrote
> > them to learn shell scripting so they are unlikely to be works of art.
> --
> Motoi Washida

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