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RE: Slow compdump on Vista - no .zcompdump created

For some reason the following line in compdump causes compdump to return
too early:
  [[ -w ${_d_file:h} ]] || return 1

Commenting out this line resolves the problem: .zcompdump is created and
compinit now runs in less than a second.

For me, the above line was being executed with the following path:
  +compdump:24> [[ -w /c/Users/johnc.CITRITE/Documents ]]

I can create files in this directory:
  $ touch /c/Users/johnc.CITRITE/Documents/foo 

.. although Cygwin seems to think it is not writeable:
  $ ls -ld /c/Users/johnc.CITRITE/Documents

  dr-x------+ 16 johnc mkpasswd 16384 Oct 25 12:10

    --- John.

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From: Peter Stephenson [mailto:pws@xxxxxxx] 
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To: Zsh Users
Subject: Re: Slow compdump on Vista - no .zcompdump created

"John Cooper" wrote:
> Still, it does seem odd that .zcompdump is not created by default.
> Presumably, if it were, compinit would likely run in a fraction of a
> second?
> Does anyone know why .zcompdump might not be getting created on
> and whether I can force it?

Run "compdump" with "set -x" in effect (you'll probably have to add it
to the first "setopt" in the file) and see why it's not running the
"compdump" around line 493, or if it is why that's not doing anything.

You should be able to force a dump with "compinit -d", which takes an
option file argument to use for dumping.

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