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Re: Slow compdump on Vista - no .zcompdump created

On Thu, Oct 25, 2007 at 12:12:59PM +0100, John Cooper wrote:
> I can create files in this directory:
>   $ touch /c/Users/johnc.CITRITE/Documents/foo 
>   $
> .. although Cygwin seems to think it is not writeable:
>   $ ls -ld /c/Users/johnc.CITRITE/Documents
>   dr-x------+ 16 johnc mkpasswd 16384 Oct 25 12:10
> /c/Users/johnc.CITRITE/Documents/

Now we're on to something.  The directory is conspicuously missing
a 'w' for user permissions, but its permissions list ends in a '+',
which means overriding ACLs are in effect that mean that the
permissions on the directory can't really be mapped to simple user,
group, and other permissions.  Maybe you're only allowed to create
certain types of files in that directory, or something similar.
I dunno, I'm not really a windows person.  In any event, try running

cacls "`cygpath -w /c/Users/johnc.CITRITE/Documents`"

and seeing if the output tells you anything interesting about the ACLs
in effect.  After all, there has to be some reason why cygwin doesn't
think that you have full write permissions to that directory.


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