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Re: exit status problem

On Dec 6,  8:09pm, Vincent Lefevre wrote:
} 15:59:59 was the time the sleep process ended. When I resized the
} window at 16:00:03, the prompt contents (as displayed) didn't change.

So there's no screenshot of that?  Because the first one ends at :59:59
with [1], and the next screenshot shows :00:03 with [0].  In both the
terminal has already been resized.  For me, zsh does very consistently
update the %* time in RPS1 while resizing -- is the time in your prompt
also coming from a psvar field?

} When I hit [Enter] at 16:00:37, the old prompt was replaced by the
} new prompt contents (hence "ypig:~[1]>" changed to "ypig:~[0]>" and
} 15:59:59 changed to 16:00:03, which was the time of the resize).

But in the second screenshot there's also a prompt where RPS1 says
16:00:37.  Do you mean there were TWO prompts printed at :37, first
the one that says :03 and then another below it that says :37 ?

If that is indeed what you mean, then this is probably a terminal
glitch -- zsh had already written the :03 prompt to the buffer, but
the terminal didn't repaint until it got input.

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