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Re: exit status problem

On 2010-12-06 20:16:38 -0800, Bart Schaefer wrote:
> On Dec 6,  8:09pm, Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> } 15:59:59 was the time the sleep process ended. When I resized the
> } window at 16:00:03, the prompt contents (as displayed) didn't change.
> So there's no screenshot of that?

I hadn't provided a screenshot before the resize because the contents
were the same (except the space between PS1 and RPS1).

> Because the first one ends at :59:59 with [1], and the next
> screenshot shows :00:03 with [0]. In both the terminal has already
> been resized. For me, zsh does very consistently update the %* time
> in RPS1 while resizing --

Here it doesn't. Actually the %* time isn't changed for the *first*
resize, but it is updated for the consecutive ones. Strange.

I can reproduce this problem even with zsh 4.3.10-dev-2-cvs1114
(Debian's zsh-beta package) using "zsh-beta -f" then RPS1="%*".

> is the time in your prompt also coming from a psvar field?

No, %*.

> } When I hit [Enter] at 16:00:37, the old prompt was replaced by the
> } new prompt contents (hence "ypig:~[1]>" changed to "ypig:~[0]>" and
> } 15:59:59 changed to 16:00:03, which was the time of the resize).
> But in the second screenshot there's also a prompt where RPS1 says
> 16:00:37.  Do you mean there were TWO prompts printed at :37, first
> the one that says :03 and then another below it that says :37 ?

Yes, when I hit [Enter], the following two things occurred:
1. the current prompt (shown in Screenshot 1) was *replaced* by
   the one with 16:00:03;
2. a new prompt was printed (the one with 16:00:37).

I think that (1) should have been done at resize time. That would
also solve the problem mentioned above about %*.

> If that is indeed what you mean, then this is probably a terminal
> glitch -- zsh had already written the :03 prompt to the buffer, but
> the terminal didn't repaint until it got input.

Well, there are the same problems with GNOME Terminal. So, I think
that the bug is in zsh. Are you sure that zsh flushes its output?

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