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Re: completer that first expands global aliases (Re: dsf)

On 2013-01-09, Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> } >     zstyle -e ':completion:most-recent-*::::' completer \
> } > 	'compprefuncs=(_expand_alias) reply=(_menu _complete _match)'
> } 
> } Ah, I understand how this is supposed to work; both your examples. Though,
> } neither of them does work. I have to press ^Xm twice, first to expand my DL,
> } and a second time to get a first file match.

> I think you're never going to get precisely the behavior you want, because
> aliases have to be entire words.  For example, if without using completion
> at all you gave the command

I hear you. I had this gut feeling about aliases and words.

But what was your _expand_alias_hack returning non-0 and attempt with
compprefunc() supposed to do then?  I though they would manage to have the alias
expanded and then continue with completion.  But as I said, they stop short of
actually completing.  But the expansion is done, and does NOT leave any trailing
space/word boundary...

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