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Re: Trouble with 'fc -l'

On Feb 17,  7:37am, Ray Andrews wrote:
} The byzantine complexities I leave to better men. Thanks again. But
} does it really need to be so obscure? I suppose so.

Zsh was originally intended to "just do the right thing" for college
students who had never encountered a shell before.

Then those college students got a bit more familiar with UNIX and
shells and wanted zsh to do "do things that make interacting with it
daily, faster and more intelligent" and so thing started getting
added in which didn't always play nicley with stuff that was there

And then a whole lot of other people started using zsh too, and they
wanted to customize the "faster and more intelligent" part for their
personal environment and preferences, and a whole lot of controls got
added for changing the ways all those previously-added things work.

And now when you look in the dictionary under "exponential complexity"
you get referred to the zsh documentation.

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