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Re: key codes table.

On 03/02/2014 10:18 AM, shawn wilson wrote:
Hummm, I know this should be possible with qemu but a quick Google is
failing to find an easy way to do this. There's probably a fake serial
device kernel module though... I'm not going to try so hard as to go
through a VM but if this is possible without I'll write something.
On Mar 2, 2014 12:28 PM, "Bart Schaefer" <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I dunno, but it seems to me that there would have to be some sort of 'receiver' apparatus somewhere. I can understand that there is probably no way of forcing the KB to send all it's scancodes, but on the other end, when I tell this machine that I have a 101 KB, it would seem that it's prepping itself to receive this that and the other scancodes IOW it knows what my KB can and can't do and is equipped to receive anything that the KB is able to send. *that* should be findable, I'd say. Why else would there be a hundred different KB defs unless to have an exact list of every KB's potential.
On Mar 1,  5:50pm, shawn wilson wrote:
} If you want that chart, you should be able to come up with a script that
} gets key bindings for \x00 - \x255 (or more realistically 80~200 -
} printable characters) and we can run it through common environments?

The problem is getting the keyboard to send those characters.  In an
XKB environment you might be able to read out the keyboard definitions
but that won't help for consoles, ssh connections, etc.  It would be
(was, in the past, IIRC) a large security problem if there were a way
to script a keyboard to send back arbitrary keystrokes.

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