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Re: Local/global history with pattern isearch

On 07/03/14 20:51, Bart Schaefer wrote:
> zsh-syntax-highlight is a bit too aggressive about remapping nearly all
> the widgets that appear in the output of $(builtin zle -la).  It does
> filter out run-help|which-command|beep but there are a number of others
> that do not alter the buffer or the cursor position, which also ought
> to be excluded:  the suffix widgets (auto-*), the argument widgets
> (*-argument|argument-base), reset-prompt, split-undo, and probably
> describe-key-briefly and what-cursor-position, plus set-local-history.
> If anyone reading this is a zsh-syntax-highlighting developer, you might
> consider tweaking the filter at line 137 of zsh-syntax-highlighting.zsh.

I've filed an issue:

So hopefully it will get fixed soon.


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