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Re: Case-insensitive completion with partial substring matching

Oh yes, I had not seen the notice about the sourceforge tickets.

In order to look into the code, I want to log a bunch of stuff (my favorite way). The debug flags I see mentioned in the INSTALL file do not seem relevant. Do you know what the best way to log stuff from within the functions would be?

Thanks a bunch for your help.

Nicolas Canceill

Le 7 juin 2014 à 21:30, Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> a écrit :

> On Jun 7,  8:00pm, nicolas.canceill wrote:
> }
> } Are you saying I should file a bug with Zsh about that?
> You already did, just by sending your first message.
> } If you think I can assist in debugging, maybe you could help me find
> } the relevant portions of the Zsh code?
> Well, it's all in Src/Zle/compmatch.c, and it probably has something to
> do with the functions bld_line, pattern_match_equivalence, or join_sub,
> but there'll be a pretty steep learning curve.  Dive in, if brave ...
> I also recommend testing with the ":" command or anything for which there
> is no complicated completion function defined; using "less" for example
> generates a lot of extra irrelevant passes through the completion code.

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