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Re: first effort with git

On 11/12/2014 02:45 AM, Peter Stephenson wrote:

Peter, see below:

Instead, somehow you're managing to get the shell to produce the output
"HP-y5--5-Debian1# HP-y5--5-Debian1# HP-y5--5-Debian1#" before
the command line shows up.  Quite likely something run from /etc/zshenv,
at least there's nothing much else it could be.
Ah, I'm being stupid:  clearly


*is* the prompt.  /etc/zshenv or something called from there is changing
it from the default and so it's failing to match "%*".


Here's my prompt line:

   #         yellow:tty       red:host         green:user blue:path
   PS1=$'\n%{\e[0;33;1m%}%l %{\e[0;31;1m%}%m %{\e[0;32;1m%}%n
   %{\e[0;34;1m%}%d $ %{\e[0m%}'

Producing this:

    pts/7 HP-y5--5-Debian1 root /aMisc/zsh-5.0.7/Src $

Default prompt is:


... but is that the default prompt? I just commented out the 'PS1' line above.

I see that 'Test/B06fc.ztest' was changed. I pulled in the copy from 5.0.7, and the
error disappears. That's with my usual environment.

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