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Re: question about parameter expansion

27.09.2015, 21:30, "Ray Andrews" <rayandrews@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> On 09/27/2015 09:58 AM, Bart Schaefer wrote:
>>  By process of elimination I've determined, in spite of you not answering
>>  my question,
> I glossed over it because in the doc there seems to be nothing that
> indicates
> the ability to be case sensitive or not. The index seems to just be
> what it is.
>>  that you're looking at the HTML documentation, probably on
>>  www.zsh.org.
> Yup. I take it on faith that that would be the most current. I expect
> that when
> modifications take place, it's there first and thence it makes it's way
> into
> releases. There has to be a master somewhere, no?
>>  Last modified: 2014-01-07
>>  It's puzzling that the "Concept Index" pages haven't been updated since
>>  January 2014 given that the rest of the manual was supposedly rebuilt
>>  last October, but either way it's a year or more out of date. You might
>>  try using the manuals that go with your local build.
> Nuts I had no idea there was any such thing. I've man pages of course
> but no HTML.
> Where is it to be found?

Depends on the distribution, it may choose to remove them. If it did not, most likely somewhere in /usr/share/doc I think. Gentoo has this in /usr/share/doc/zsh-{version}/html assuming zsh built with USE=doc.

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