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Re: latest manual

On 10/2/15 4:23 PM, Ray Andrews wrote:
On 10/02/2015 01:03 PM, Ray Andrews wrote:
If I hit '[top]' I seem to always go back to '5.0.7'. And going to the index I seem to get lost sometimes too--sometimes the index contains 'variable'
(which was missing in 5.0.7) and sometimes not, so wires seem to be
crossed there.

This is the new 'V' index:


This is the old 'V' index:

It could be related to browsers somehow, because Firefox seems to get it right
and Opera to go off the rails. Something to do with the 'split' it seems.

Did you clear your browser caches? They're static pages at the same URLs as before (as opposed to a redirect to specific versions). My main browser, Firefox, kept showing the 5.0.7 until I manually cleared its cache. After clearing, I see the new manual under all browsers.

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