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Re: git-secret - zsh-plugin to store your private data inside a git repository

I guess 'pass' was made for a single user. But 'git-secret' was made
for multiple people. So you can invite someone to share your encrypted
files and easily remove them. Also, I have noticed that 'pass' stores
the encrypted files in the separate repository. Well, that's an
arguable way to go. It has some benefits like: code-repository and
pass-repository may have different access rights, different people
involved. But there's a lack in consistency when you have two separate

And about the zsh part: it is made to be a compatible with zsh. You
can install it via antigen.

2016-03-14 1:46 GMT+03:00 René Neumann <lists@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Am 13.03.2016 um 20:39 schrieb Никита Соболев:
>> I had a hard time figuring out how to send a reply to the mailing
>> list. So, I hope I will post it to the same thread.
>> René, thanks for your interest. It is not quite the same as the tools
>> you have listed. It's more like blackbox
>> (https://github.com/StackExchange/blackbox). You can even find it in
>> the 'Alternatives' section.
>> There several advantages in usability, while following the same
>> encryption algorithm.
>> In other words, git-secret does not store passwords or anything, but
>> it helps to organize and control any sensitive data inside a git-repo
>> to be accessible by the whole dev-team.
> Could you still elaborate on the differences? Because pass, for
> instance, while being primarily aimed at storing passwords, in the end
> "all it does" is encrypting text-files via GPG and storing them in git.
> Whether you put actual passwords in it or private keys to ssl
> certificates or what ever is entirely up to the user.
> So, as I'm already using pass, what extra advantages does your tool
> offer? (That's an honest question...)
> Also: In what form is this related to zsh?
> - René

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