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Re: End boldface also ends background color

On Mar 24,  7:53am, Danek Duvall wrote:
} Worth at least pinging Thomas Dickey to add the capability to xterm

This would have to be a new termcap/terminfo library entry (or whatever
stands in for them, maybe it's ncurses); it's not something missing from

} Once you build zsh against the new version of
} both, it would work, and you'd get historical behavior until then.

We'd still have to reprogram zle_refresh.c to know about and do the
run-time test for the new capability, which would take years to make it
into everyone's terminfo databases, etc.

I think we already have enough information to reprogram %b to first
turn everything off, and then turn back on the stuff that shouldn't
have been turned off.  That'll potentially emit a bunch more escape
codes at the point of %b but would solve the problem without having to
wait for hundreds of OS distributions to update terminfo.

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