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Re: zsh-5.2-test-3

On Dec 11, 12:19pm, Ray Andrews wrote:
} 'autoload run-help' still gives me the 'normal' man page, it seems

You really do need to look at the documentation that I mentioned.

run-help CMD
     This function is designed to be invoked by the run-help ZLE widget,
     in place of the default alias.  See `Accessing On-Line Help'
     for setup instructions.

Then look at the cross-referenced "Accessing ..." page:

... By default, run-help is an alias for the man command, so
this often fails when the command word is a shell builtin or a
user-defined function.  By redefining the run-help alias, one can
improve the on-line help provided by the shell.

[Some useful stuff about the help directory skipped here, you can
read it in the actual manual.]

To use the run-help function, you need to add lines something like the
following to your .zshrc or equivalent startup file:

     unalias run-help
     autoload run-help

I'd guess that you autoloaded the function without removing the alias.

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