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Re: trapped in bash

On 12/17/2016 12:43 PM, Bart Schaefer wrote:
On Dec 17, 12:27pm, Ray Andrews wrote:
} Seems  I have to rebuild all my own C projects as they have the same
} 'not found' characteristic.

Or you need to follow Aaron's instructions for installing the 32-bit
runtime on your 64-bit system.  Although that's not *guaranteed* to
make everything work without rebuilding.
No need to risk doing something that might be flaky, I'm just rebuilding as needed. So far there hasn't been a hint of a problem beyond needing to retrieve some 64 bit libraries. So I'm pumped that zsh will rebuild with similar results.

} and so far everything is where I put it, except that command completion,
} if there is no match, brings up the last command, whereas my setup
} should do nothing (leave the prompt blank).  Where might that change be
} effected from?

That doesn't sound familiar at all.  Bringing up the last command seems
to imply that one of the history completers is in the zstyle.

Your best bet may be:

1. type ctrl-x h and see what completions are active in that context;

2. if that doesn't give you an obvious hint, use ctrl-x ? for a debug
trace and look through that.

Ah ... it's the stock files in /etc/zsh, I renamed the directory and everything is as I expect. It's one of my perpetual mini-rants to hate the way most linux programs hide bits of themselves all over the place. Actually I deleted all those on my main machine for fear of them doing funny things on Tuesday, but it's time I took a look at them again and put them work, maybe, now that I have some clue what I'm doing. Thanks Bart.

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