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Re: here document within a switch fails to parse.

Ray Andrews wrote on Tue, 12 Jan 2021 14:45 +00:00:
> On 2021-01-12 5:28 a.m., Daniel Shahaf wrote:
> > There's an interesting idea!  My editor doesn't but that would be quite a
> >> feature.
> > Did you actually look?
> >
> Yes sir I did.  I use a very lightweight but understandable IDE, what it 
> lacks in features it makes up in being easy to use.

(Turns out Ray's IDE does have that feature after all.)

> It's too bad there's no place for a guy like me to learn the ropes, I
> don't know what  I don't know.  What I'd like is to be is a fly on the
> wall, watching you adepts work for a week -- I'd learn more in that
> week than thrashing around by myself for a year.

You're probably right about that, insofar as discovering features is
concerned.  (To a point, anyway; 80/20 still applies.  Still, you can
look for people who post videos of themselves coding.)  However,
knowing a ton of features shouldn't be your highest priority, IMO.
It's very much like the difference between memorizing a map and
learning to navigate.

I will, for the third and last time, remind you that your fashion of
comments _will_ break, in a specific way.


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