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Re: Best practices for managing aliases in ohmyzsh?

I'm a little curious, how do you remember a couple hundred aliases?

If I don't use them that often, I don't remember them. But I have a cheatsheet to quickly refer to them. Also, tab completion helps. Many aliases are similar. I have about 50 for taskwarrior alone which I use religiously (or at least semi-religiously). Here's a small sample:

alias t='ts; task -BLOCKED' # lists tasks by urgency (shows next report)
    alias tl='ts; task list -BLOCKED'
    alias tlod='ts; task +OVERDUE -BLOCKED'
    alias tlr='ts; task limit:5 newes -BLOCKED'
    alias tlst='ts; task \(+st or +qst\) -BLOCKED';
    alias tlsn='ts; task \(+sn or +qn\) -BLOCKED';
    alias tlut='ts; task tags.none: or project: next -BLOCKED';
    alias tli='ts; task +st  and \(+imm or +OVERDUE \) next -BLOCKED';
    alias tlii='ts; task +st  and \(+imm\) next -BLOCKED';
    alias tlast='ts; task +LATEST -BLOCKED'          # most recent tasks

    # today listings
alias tlt='ts; task \(+DUETODAY or +OVERDUE\) or \(+qsn or +qst\) next -BLOCKED'; alias tltst='ts; task next -BLOCKED \(+DUETODAY or +OVERDUE\) and \(+st or +qst\)'; alias tltsn='ts; task next -BLOCKED \(+DUETODAY or +OVERDUE\) and \(+sn or +qsn\)';

    alias ta='task add'
    alias tast='task +st add'
    alias tasn='task +sn add'
    alias taa='task +st +sn add'
    alias tai='task add +imm +st due:1h'
    alias tau='task add +urg +st due:now'
    alias tat='task add +st due:today'

As you can see, there is a pattern to the aliases which helps, too. "tl" is for listing tasks, "ta" is for adding tasks, etc.

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