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Re: zstat

On 04/05/2022 10:49, Roman Perepelitsa wrote:
# OK I have now 'deleted' my .zshrc  (kept a copy of course)

# I get the following 'odd' behaviour

If I start a new gnome terminal I have zstat

mint-HP-600B% zstat

zstat: no files given

# but if i reload zsh

mint-HP-600B% zsh
mint-HP-600B% zstat

zsh: command not found: zstat
Which terminal are you using?

There are several terminals out there that inject extra initialization
code into the shell that they spawn. This initialization code usually
runs between global and user zshenv and is meant to enable tighter
integration between the terminal and the shell. In practice all such
code has side effects and can leak or break things. The terminals I'm
aware of that do this are Kitty, Integrated Visual Studio Terminal,
Integrated IntelliJ Terminal, Warp, and Fig. When you manually run
`zsh` in a terminal of this kind, the new shell won't run the extra
initialization code.


Just the standard Mint 'Gnome Terminal' I guess I used chsh -s zsh to make zsh default


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