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Re: prevent some lines directly coming from the history from being executed

Vincent Lefevre wrote on Mon, May 30, 2022 at 11:02:55 +0200:
> On 2022-05-28 10:06:39 +0000, Daniel Shahaf wrote:
> > Vincent Lefevre wrote on Sat, May 28, 2022 at 02:07:20 +0200:
> > > This is in Section "ZLE WIDGETS". But since this is specific to
> > > the standard widgets, shouldn't this be also at the beginning of
> > > Section "STANDARD WIDGETS"?
> > 
> > The next paragraph recommends that user-defined widgets not be named
> > with leading dots.  That wouldn't belong under "Standard widgets".
> Concerning this point, I meant just the end of the paragraph, which
> would be *also* in Section "STANDARD WIDGETS". This is because one
> does not read the manual in a linear way, and if one is interested
> in standard widgets, one may look at this section only.
> Or perhaps just the sentence
>   Each built-in widget has two names: its normal canonical name, and
>   the same name preceded by a `.'.
> with a reference to Section "ZLE WIDGETS" for more information.

Following your argument, why *shouldn't* the information be repeated at
the top of the "User-defined Widgets" section?  It's relevant to users
who define widgets that shadow standard widgets.

Perhaps the right answer here is to demote the "User-defined Widgets"
and "Standard Widgets" sections to subsections of "Widgets", but this
might involve some yodl/texi work to get the _current_ subsections of
these two sections nested one level deeper.  (We reverted this 

> BTW, are "built-in widget" and "standard widget" synonymous?
> The terminology should be clarified and possibly homogenized.

Do we have more than one kind of non-user-defined widget?  If so, those
two terms could be a distinction with a difference [sic].

The difference here could be, say, between widgets that are implemented
by the zsh/zle module and are zmodload'd by default (in the 'zmodload
-F' sense) on the one hand, and other widgets implemented in C.  (I.e.,
widgets implemented by other modules, or by off-by-default 'zmodload -F'
features of the zsh/zle module.)

Or perhaps there isn't any difference.

There's also what the manual terms "Special widgets".



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