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Re: Most minimal configuration challenge

On 2022-09-01 18:26, Lawrence Velázquez wrote:

Someone who has "just now learned something" has the shallowest
possible understanding of it and can only perpetuate that shallow
understanding.  That is certainly all that is necessary in some
contexts, but it is not true education; it is sharing tips and
Of course.  But when  you just want to get something done and do not want
to be overwhelmed with all possible knowledge, the former is better.  It's no replacement for deep study, it's purpose it different.  When I first tried to
build zsh I was overwhelmed by documentation that covered all possible
worlds.  When I finally got it done -- with much help -- I wrote out what
worked for me in a half a page and even Peter said it was good.  It could
serve as an anecdote: 'try this'.  Two or three anecdotes and probably 90%
of situations would be covered and almost painlessly.  If you really need to
be inducted into the deeper mysteries then that's different, you will be
expecting to suffer and you will suffer.

The ideal educator pairs a deep knowledge of their field with an
equally deep sensitivity for the needs of their students.  It is
difficult to acquire just one of these things, let alone both, which
is why great educators are few and far between.

Too true.

I think this is pretty harsh toward Daniel.
I wasn't thinking of Daniel.  I'm making a generalization. Mind ...

I have no doubt he
could have written a more verbose and comprehensive explanation in
a paragraph or two, but I wouldn't have been surprised if you'd
objected to its wordiness.

Nope, a paragraph or two would be just what I'd look for. Actually, as he explained it in a single sentence, that would be just fine.  And I'm not throwing stones either -- I'm every bit as bad documenting my own code.  I, too, would need someone else
to read it, and document it cuz I am disabled by already understanding it.

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