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Re: Most minimal configuration challenge

On 2022-09-01 18:49, Felipe Contreras wrote:

The clueless students are an essential part of the equation.
When I'm critiquing a document I deliberately become dumb.  Even if I
get it, if I think it could have been explained better I'll act as tho I don't
get it.

People who are not constantly being subject to criticism often think
it's something negative, but it isn't, it's just an opportunity to try
something better.
In the computer world some expert writes the doc and you take it or you leave it. In the  world of writers, they get together in groups and *savage* each other's
work, they tear each other to shreds if they think something is not written
perfectly.  Then a style editor rips thru it.  Then a copy editor rips it to bits
one more time.  Then the publisher cuts out half of it and makes you rewrite
the other half.

Ultimately the people who should judge prose meant for newcomers, are
newcomers. If they say it isn't clear, then it isn't clear.

That's exactly it.

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