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Re: "typeset -p" inconsistency

On 2022-11-01 20:11, Lawrence Velázquez wrote:
As Bart already explained, it is not "one and the same variable"
-- PATH and path are *two separate variables*.  So there is no
This country boy sees them as duplication.  'set' does not print them twice.  Anyway you guys are happy with it so I'm flogging a dead horse as usual.  Besides it's easy enough to filter out Tweedle-Dee and leave Tweedle-Dum cuz I learn nothing from the one that I don't already know from the other.  I know I'm fanatical about this sort of thing.
(I suppose one could argue that "-g" should always be output for
global variables, even outside of functions, for the sake of

Consistency is one of my cardinal virtues, I like it alot.  The Linux/Unix world doesn't mind a bit of fuzz tho.

(As an aside, "test" is a builtin and POSIX-mandated utility, so
using that name for your own purposes is not the best idea.)
It's the sort of thing you learn via hard knocks.

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