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RE: TERMCAP problem.

> TERMCAP=abc is probably not a valid termcap, but should this cause
> a core dump ?

How do I know? I have not written this tgetent :-)

> What value for TERMCAP should work, besides the name of a termcap file ?
> Anyhow, if I step through the code in tgetent (termcap.c:415), it only tests
> whether TERMCAP is set, and whether it does start witch a '/' (in
> which case it
> is considered a file).

You refer to some file outside of zsh. No idea. I repeat - crash is inside of
tgetent; tgetent itself gets valid parameters. What happens thereafter is
outside of zsh control. O.K., one more possibility - clash between memory
allocation routines used in Zsh and your version of termcap.

What are zsh compile options? Do you compile with --enable-zsh-mem? What is
termcap 1.3 - does it come with SunOS? Try to recompile with standard OS
libraries and see if it helps.


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author