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Re: FW: [Cooker] Default /etc/zshrc and russian loale problem

"Bart Schaefer" <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> No, I have no objection.  It was never my intent to suggest that necessary
> settings be removed from the global startup, only that global startup
> should be both minimized and carefully designed to conflict as little as
> possible with the user's own files.
> As to the specific question of whether /etc/profile.d/*.sh should be read
> from /etc/zprofile or /etc/zshrc, the problem there likely is that xterm
> and similar emulators typically start interactive shells that are not
> login shells, so if you're logging in via the XDM console you *still*
> won't get the locale settings if they're read only from /etc/zprofile.


> I don't know how that works out when the shell is not zsh ... does, e.g.,
> bash source /etc/profile even when not a login shell?

we workaround that with in :


if [ -z "$PROFILE_LOADED" -a -e /etc/profile ]; then
    . /etc/profile


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