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Re: PATCH: Re: zsh/termcap and zsh/terminfo modules

> I notice that configure.in does not have an AC_SEARCH_LIBS for tigetstr,
> only for tgetent.  That's why the ncurses library is never found on my
> system -- the way configure.in is currently organized, tigetstr will be
> found only if it is in the same library in which tgetent is found; and
> termcap is always searched first except on aix, hpux, and solaris, so for
> most systems that have termcap the zsh/terminfo module will be disabled.

Yes.  I recall that the feeling at the time was that people didn't want
to have a terminfo library linked into the main binary and all the modules
just for the sake of a terminfo module, and to avoid potential conflicts
in termcap handling.  That's why tigetstr isn't sought.  Since -ltermcap
here is really ncurses, that doesn't bother me.

I have no ideas on how to handle it without individual library linking.

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