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Re: PATCH: Re: zsh/termcap and zsh/terminfo modules

On Apr 9, 11:52am, Clint Adams wrote:
} What I mean is, have configure determine what libraries are necessary
} for each module, then link that module with the necessary libraries.  If
} the required symbols are unavailable, do not link the module.
} So you wouldn't get a terminfo.so if you didn't have gettistr,
} but terminfo.so would be the only thing linked against ncurses if that's
} the only module that requires it.

Ah.  Yes, that would be superior.

I notice that configure.in does not have an AC_SEARCH_LIBS for tigetstr,
only for tgetent.  That's why the ncurses library is never found on my
system -- the way configure.in is currently organized, tigetstr will be
found only if it is in the same library in which tgetent is found; and
termcap is always searched first except on aix, hpux, and solaris, so for
most systems that have termcap the zsh/terminfo module will be disabled.

Independent of linking modules with their own libraries, what's the right
way to deal with this?

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