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Re: Termcap saga

I made clean, Util/preconfig'ed, and configure'd --with-curses-terminfo,
and -ltermcap, which had been being included along with -l(n)curses for a
while (linux), was dropped from the link line.

Test ./C02cond.ztst failed: bad status 1, expected 0 from:
  [[ -r zerolength && ! -r unmodish ]]

was the only fail.

Bart Schaefer writes:
 > On May 1,  1:58pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
 > }
 > } What's supposed to happen after the last set of changes?
 > The trouble is that configure's -lcurses vs. -ltermcap decision is based
 > on linking to tgetent, but term{cap,info}.c's decision of which headers
 > to included is based only on whether those headers are present.  So it
 > includes headers it doesn't need, and (for the same reason that Andrej
 > was having trouble with the stat module -- the Cygwin folks are getting
 > overzealous with `const') it ends up declaring global variables it won't
 > need.
 > Since nobody has howled about 14177 changing the configure messages, I'll
 > commit it and then look at moving the checks for curses.h and term.h into
 > the section for --with-curses-terminfo so they'll be checked for only if
 > they're going to be needed.
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