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Re: Termcap saga

On May 1,  1:58pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} What's supposed to happen after the last set of changes?

The trouble is that configure's -lcurses vs. -ltermcap decision is based
on linking to tgetent, but term{cap,info}.c's decision of which headers
to included is based only on whether those headers are present.  So it
includes headers it doesn't need, and (for the same reason that Andrej
was having trouble with the stat module -- the Cygwin folks are getting
overzealous with `const') it ends up declaring global variables it won't

Since nobody has howled about 14177 changing the configure messages, I'll
commit it and then look at moving the checks for curses.h and term.h into
the section for --with-curses-terminfo so they'll be checked for only if
they're going to be needed.

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