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Re: PATCH: Re: zsh and autoconf-2.50

On Jun 2,  2:31am, Andrej Borsenkow wrote:
} - checks for autoconf version. It thinks that anything <= 2.13 needs our 
} hack, anything over - does not. It breaks with beta autoconf versions 
} like 2.49f. It smells.

How about the following:

Create a new file "zshconf.ac" (or "zshconf.in" or whatever, it really
doesn't matter).  Most of the contents of the current configure go into
this file -- everything up to the "missing some essential features" hack.

Add a macro to aczsh.m4 to output the "zsh configuration" report at that
appears at the end of the current configure.in.

Create a new file configure.ac that contains:

    test "$real_no_create" = yes || 
	${CONFIG_SHELL-/bin/sh} $CONFIG_STATUS || exit 1

Change configure.in to be a file that contains only:

    dnl Backwards compatibility with autoconf 2.13.

    builtin([include], [zshconf.ac])

    dnl The standard config.status is missing some essential features.
    dnl (etc. etc.)

    test "$real_no_create" = yes || 
	${CONFIG_SHELL-/bin/sh} $CONFIG_STATUS || exit 1

Use this part of Andrej's patch:

} - adds a string to config.status and lets mkmakemod.sh grep for it to 
} decide when to use this hack.

Finally, fix various calls to autoheader to pass zshconf.ac as the file
to be scanned.

If I read the docs correctly, any version of autoconf that knows about
configure.ac will read that file preferentially, thereby skipping the
"missing some essential features" hack.  Older versions of autoconf
will ignore configure.ac and read configure.in instead, thereby getting
the hack.  Assuming that the new config.status was introduced at close
to the same time as autoconf.ac, this should cover nearly all cases
without an explicit version test.

I suggest this because, upon further consideration, I don't want to
require zsh developers to install autoconf 2.50.  They may need the
older version of autoconf for other packages that have not been updated
for the 2.50 changes.


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