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Re: ansi2knr proposed update

Clint Adams wrote:
> > The licence seems to be the same as the one we currently have,
> > though we don't distribute the GNU file COPYING.
> Uh-oh.  We've been violating the GPL for quite some time then.

Yeah, the GPL is fairly clear on that. There is nothing which states
that the licence has to be in a file named `COPYING' though so it might
be better to call it ansi2knr-licence or something like that otherwise
people might mistakenly think zsh is GPLd. Or we could stick the whole
GPL in a comment in ansi2knr.c.

Geoff Wing wrote:

> Speaking of licences, what does our LICENCE para 3 mean "...even if and..."?

Doesn't make sense really does it. Digging out an old copy of zsh, Paul
Falstad's name used to appear between `if' and `and'. Whoever removed it
must have messed up so I think we can just remove the word `and'.

Where does the zsh licence originate from out of interest?


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