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Re: new SourceForge terms

Clint Adams wrote:
>I think Oliver touched on the practical points in 16240; we can all
>back up the CVS repository, and do minimal reconstruction should things
>go extremely awry.

This was always wise, and makes the deletion-without-notice clause less
of a problem for us than it is for many other people, but I argue that
the present change to the notice provision in the T&Cs *is* things going
extremely awry.  (It lets Bad Things happen without notice.)

>If we are willing to forego the other SourceForge services as well,
>I'm pretty sure I could find us several other places to keep our CVS

We've never been particularly reliant on the other services, fortunately.
We have an existing network of source release mirrors, web pages hosted
independently, mailing lists hosted independently, and we've always
managed bug tracking primarily on the mailing list.


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