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Re: new SourceForge terms

> Unfortunately, right now the addition of new keys isn't automated.  It's
> been on my to-do for a while to automate things but, for now, it all
> goes through me, or one of the other "volunter sysadmins".
> I should mention that all of the maintenance of the site is done by
> volunteers.  There is no professional staff other than that.

I'd have reservations about moving to such a system.  With SF,
evil as it is, I can add and remove SSH1 and SSH2 keys by merely
suffering through a web GUI and then waiting for the next hit of the
cronjob.  More importantly, I can use my password in lieu of any such
key, which is important since I only use keys on 2 of the 6 machines
from which I do zsh commits.

A quick look at Savannah reveals that the only support SSH1 keys, but
the cronjob is hourly.

cvs.debian.org would also be problematic in terms of lack of automation
for non-developers, and I think the same is true for any other alternate
I can imagine.

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