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Re: PATCH: _netcat

Sven wrote:

> 1) I like the change because it's more extensible. 2) Can't help you
> with a better name, sorry. 3) I don't worry to much about the tag-name
> change either.

Good. Thanks.

> Hm, some kind of helper-function for this?

I've considered that before but wasn't sure how to make it sufficiently

How about the following. Usage is, for example:
   _pick_variant netcat=connect nedit -h
or _pick_variant -c diff gnu=GNU unix --version

The -c option is for where $words[1] isn't to be used. Then you can
have any number of command=pattern arguments (so it can differentiate
more than two variants of a command). Then you have the command for if
no patterns matched and then any subsequent arguments are passed as
parameters to the command. Can you think of a better way of
describing this information in the arguments?

I've got it to return 1 if it resorts to the last choice so in most
cases the function can be used with if to avoid checking $_cmd_variant
in the calling function. I'm not sure whether that is a good idea

> > -if [[ -n "$_is_gnu[$words[1]]" ]]; then
> > +if [[ -n "$_cmd_variant[$words[1]]" ]]; then
> I'm confused. Shoudn't this test `"$_cmd_variant[$words[1]]" = gnu'?

Yes, it should really. It was like that before - I just changed yes to
gnu and _is_gnu to _cmd_variant. When it is not gnu, I'll use a
different word in _cmd_variant like `no' or `unix' instead of the empty
string (as it currently is).

> And, btw., on this Suse-box:
>   % which netcat
>   /usr/bin/netcat
> And nc is the nedit-thing. (You asked for this, right? OR was it
> someone else?)

Yes, I did ask that. Thanks. I see that _netcat already has netcat in
the compdef line so we have it right as long as no other distributions
have done something different about the name clash.



local output command cmd pat
local -a var

(( $+_cmd_variant )) || typeset -gA _cmd_variant

if [[ $1 = -c ]]; then
  shift 2

while [[ $1 = *=* ]]; do
  var+=( "${1%%\=*}" "${1#*=}" )

if (( $+_cmd_variant[$command] )); then
  [[ $_cmd_variant[$command] = "$1" ]] && return 1
  return 0

output="$(_call_program variant $command "${@[2,-1]}" </dev/null 2>/dev/null)"

for cmd pat in "$var[@]"; do
  if [[ $output = *$~pat* ]]; then

return 1

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