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Re: completion in quotes - " vs ' - no suffix added

Borsenkow Andrej wrote:

> ...
> so correctly escaped filename is inserted but is not unquoted when
> testing for file type.

That's exactly the point -- the code in compresult.c responsible for
this is *very* old and, ahem, hasn't been updated for this. The patch
I sent is only for the quoting issues Bart described in the mail I
replied to, not for the file-testing code -- it was already hard
enough without that ;-}

> > One oddity is that typing the closing quote after `ls "a\\ d/' does not
> > auto-remove the slash, but I don't think that's strictly a bug.
> >
> May be it should; but then it becomes increasingly more complicated with
> nested quotes. Besides, you may want to continue quoted word ...

I think we decided against it exactly for this reason. I'll have more
to say about this when I start talking about what we can do to improve
suffix handling.

So the next steps are to get the file-type testing right. I'd like to
do that more thoroughly to finally be able to implement this other
thing we've been talking about, where a space as a file-type character
(with LIST_TYPES) isn't counted to allow tighter packing of rows in

That's also the reason why I haven't tried to change the difference in
quoting in listings Andrej pointed out. To repeat: we meant to make it
always be quoted. But with display strings and what not the shell code
is able to defeat this. Personally, I prefer it this way, so we might
want to make this be controlled by a style. But then the shell code
would be responsible to handle different quoting behaviour in some
cases, namely: whenever it uses display strings. If there are no
display strings, the C-code could use them internally for the unquoted

Do others have any opinions on this?


Sven Wischnowsky                          wischnow@xxxxxxxxx

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