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Re: About menu selection (again)

On Aug 13,  3:16pm, DervishD wrote:
} >}     I've discovered why the menu selection wasn't working for me. The
} >} problem seems to be the module 'zsh/compctl', not loaded by default
} >} in my system.
} >Hm.  But ... you said in your other message that it works with `zsh -f'.
}     It works because compctl is loaded!. I don't know how it gets
} loaded, but it is :????

Normally zsh/zle and zsh/compctl are both loaded as soon as zsh is ready
to print the prompt.  I don't know of any way to prevent it other than to
disable zle (e.g., run "zsh +Z"), or to have a messed-up module_path, but
that can't be it because you've said you're using a static link.
}     Well, the fact is that if I load compctl and after that complist,
} all works OK, so I'm happy with this. Why I must load compctl is just
} curiosity ;))

If you're willing to look at it that way, OK.  Me, I'd be worried that it
means something else is broken, too.

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