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Re: About menu selection (again)

    Hi Bart :)

>}     It works because compctl is loaded!. I don't know how it gets
>} loaded, but it is :????
>Normally zsh/zle and zsh/compctl are both loaded as soon as zsh is ready
>to print the prompt.

    Well, when my login zsh starts, the only modules that are loaded
are zsh/zle and zsh/main. zsh/compctl is not there. Maybe I'm not
invoking any builtin in my rc's so compctl is autoloaded :??

>messed-up module_path, but
>that can't be it because you've said you're using a static link.

    Yes, they are statically linked. I'm having an idea... What if I
configured compctl prior to compilation as being statically linked
but NOT autoloaded (I mean, with load=no in the .mdd file)? I don't
have the mdd that I used for compilation, I'm afraid :((( But this
can be the problem, true?

>}     Well, the fact is that if I load compctl and after that complist,
>} all works OK, so I'm happy with this. Why I must load compctl is just
>} curiosity ;))
>If you're willing to look at it that way, OK.  Me, I'd be worried that it
>means something else is broken, too.

    Yes, you are right, because if something is wrong, then other
fails will arise sooner or later... Just that I have bigger problems
than that ;))) Fortunately zsh works fine always ;))

    Thanks for your help again, Bart.


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