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Re: scp completion

On Tue, Sep 03, 2002 at 05:20:23PM +0200, Thomas Köhler wrote:

> +        _remote_files ${(kv)opt_args[(I)-[FP1246]]/-P/-p} && ret=0

> Now - scp completion didn't work for me - until I used
>    scp -F /home/jean-luc/.ssh/config.special -P 2222 tkoehler@localhost:
> instead of
>    scp -F ~/.ssh/config.special -P 2222 tkoehler@localhost:
> How can I avoid the "~" problem?

For the above line, you need:
  _remote_files ${(kv)~opt_args[(I)-[FP1246]]/-P/-p} && ret=0

The difference being the `~' before opt_args which turns on glob_subst
for the evaluation.

I'll commit the patch with this addition.


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