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Re: prompt themes

At 02:41 AM 6/4/2003, Oliver wrote:
Dirus wrote:
> prompt_X_preview doesn't print the first or last blank line.  This means
> the person writing the prompt theme would have to print the blank lines
> between sample settings without printing the first or last.  Whoever is

I'm not quite sure which blank lines you're talking about.

It's not really much to complain about, it just seems counter intuitive... any theme with a prompt_X_preview function, will look something like this:
   preview prompt
   print blank line
   preview prompt
   print blank line
   preview prompt

and promptinit's prompt function will add the first and last blank line.

<snip> It should
probably also do a preview even if there isn't a prompt_X_preview function
- there isn't for most.

The problem here is we don't know how many parameters the themes take. Some might take 2 colors, others 4... and even some such as the adam2 prompt theme take an '8bit' parameter. Perhaps it would be best to simply add a list of previews those that could use one, it wouldn't take more than a couple minutes to find a couple settings for each that look decent.

> Ideally prompt_X_preview would look like this:
> prompt_X_preview() {
>    reply=' singleparameter "param1 param2" "param1 param2" '
> }

Or, since it is an array,
  reply=( singleparameter "param1 param2" "param1 param2" )

Oh hmm, yes that is better, and it would save a '(z)'.

> Also prompt_X_help could also be changed to set $reply for consistency sake.

I'm less convinced by that idea. There's not really any code that can
be factored out and it wouldn't make the functions any simpler.

I see your point. Using cat is pretty straight forward, and I am happy to leave it alone. :) The only advantage to using $REPLY here would be that if you intended on using the help string without directly echoing it to the screen. Perhaps for some reason you wanted to format it for a menu based prompt selector where you only have a set space to squish the help text into, and even then you could probably work around it.

> Anyone interested in seeing this? Is it best to just send the diffs to the
> mailing list?  There would be a lot of them, one for each prompt theme and
> one for promptinit.

Just send a diff.

Ok.  Will do.

There's probably quite a few aspects of the prompt theming that could
be improved. Making colour schemes independent of specific fonts would
be one example. <snip>

Maybe you mean making color schemes independent of specific themes?

One problem I noticed the other day is if one prompt sets PS3, PS4, or RPS1, then those vars won't get reset when changing prompts, even when setting the prompt to "off". A good example here is the walters theme and its RPS1 setting, it will follow you around when you change prompts.

<snip> Perhaps sorting through the distributed themes too: it
isn't ideal that many don't work right unless your use some peculiar
font and terminal emulator.

There do seem to be some problems with the distributed themes descriptions too, for example adam1 (correct me if I'm wrong) says it requires an 8 bit font when it doesn't. As for requiring an old school terminal type (8 bit) font, some fancy things such as the connecting lines just can't be done with a 7 bit font. Perhaps it would be best to set up the prompt themes so they do not use 8 bit font characters unless specified. On the other hand we could try to parse the $TERM to make an educated guess, but it probably couldn't be done properly.


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