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Re: prompt themes

On Jun 4,  6:01am, Dirus wrote:
} ><snip> It should
} >probably also do a preview even if there isn't a prompt_X_preview function
} >- there isn't for most.
} The problem here is we don't know how many parameters the themes 
} take.

If the theme doesn't work with zero parameters, it's broken.  If there is
no preview function, don't try to guess at parameters; preview whatever
the defaults are.

[Regarding help]
} I see your point. Using cat is pretty straight forward, and I am happy
} to leave it alone. :) The only advantage to using $REPLY here would be
} that if you intended on using the help string without directly echoing
} it to the screen.

If you want a description that isn't meant to be displayed as-is, add
another one; don't overload use of the help function.

See prompt_bart_help in prompt_bart_setup for a good reason why not.

} >There's probably quite a few aspects of the prompt theming that could
} >be improved. Making colour schemes independent of specific fonts would
} >be one example. <snip>
} Maybe you mean making color schemes independent of specific themes?

No, he means exactly what he said.  There are some fonts that have half-
tone special characters, and some of the themes rely on those fonts to
get a "fade" effect from one color to another.

} One problem I noticed the other day is if one prompt sets PS3, PS4, or 
} RPS1, then those vars won't get reset when changing prompts, even when 
} setting the prompt to "off".

It's a general shortcoming that themes only change the parts of the prompt
that they're interested in; "off" is just another theme with a silly name.

To really have "prompt off" mean what it seems to mean, the theme system
would have to save and restore the original values of all the variables.

} There do seem to be some problems with the distributed themes descriptions 
} too, for example adam1 (correct me if I'm wrong) says it requires an 8 bit 
} font when it doesn't.

The usual case of the doc not keeping pace with other changes.  It did
require an 8bit font at one time.

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