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Re: Strange problem with ulimit

On Nov 10, 11:24am, David wrote:
} On Nov 09 at 09:21:36, Bart Schaefer wrote:
} > [Hmm, I don't seem to have received the first message in this thread.]
} I won't be surprised that some messages are lost at the mail servers.

Actually it appears that my mail client had a killfile-type filter on
the iso-8859-15 character set, which I must have installed _years_ ago
(as in, pre-1996) and forgotten about.

} > Even though that module is normally linked to
} > the base executable (rather than dynamically loaded),
} Are there more builtins with this behavior?

There are lots of builtins that are supplied by modules,but zsh/rlimits
appears to be the only module documented as if it's always builtin.  So,
"limit" and "unlimit"  are also affected.

Incidentally, in reference to the original article on this thread, zsh
does not have a bash emulation mode.  It emulates plain "sh" (as in,
the original Bourne shell from before the GNU project even existed),
ksh, and (approximately) csh.  It happens to treat "emulate bash" as
"emulate sh" but that doesn't get you all that far.

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