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Re: [PATCH][RFC] check for heap memory in zfree()

Bart Schaefer wrote:
> Any objections to my committing my patch?  With one additional tweak
> to call zheapptr() before zarrdup() in the builtin.c hunk.

I think it's OK.

> schaefer[514] typeset -T DIRSTACK dirstack
> typeset: dirstack: can't change type of a special parameter
> IMO a unique array is a distinct type from an ordinary array.

I'm not convinced about that.  I think it's just a tidying up operation
performed on the value.

> Some of our quacking and waddling parameters are already dog-paddling.
> For example, although you can (without getting warnings) set the -LRZ
> options on any array, they don't have any effect except to make the
> array show up in "typeset -LRZ" output.

That's a bug, probably, although it might need care fixing (does the
flag apply if the array is about to be joined?)

> The way to fix
> that is to require that the parameter's rules conform to the internal
> structure it represents, not the other way around.

Yes, but I think the correspondence can sometimes be made more logical.
It doesn't make sense to have dirstack an integer, but it does makes
sense to have it contain unique elements.

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