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Re: Bug#379942: zsh: rake completion doesn't work for tasks with colons in their names

On 8/7/06, Clint Adams <schizo@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Certainly. Attached (probably more than is relevant).
> BTW, this is rake 0.7.1-1 from unstable and, as can be probably guessed,
> the Rakefile comes from rails.

See if this fixes it.

Not quite.  It presents you with the correct completions, but it won't
actually complete anything beyond the first namespace, or colon.  Try
the following:

rake db

in a ruby-on-rails project directory.  You'll be presented with a
bunch of possible completions, including "db:migrate" and the command
line is completed to

rake db:

(in my setup anyway).  Then, when I type an 'm' and run completion
again, no completions are available.  Actually, after the unique
prefix is completed, i.e., 'db:' no completions are available any

Adding 'r:|[:]=*' to ones matcher-list makes it work, but should this
really be necessary?


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