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Re: set - $foo resets set -x

On Sep 20,  7:40pm, Andrey Borzenkov wrote:
} do you keep every version?

No.  I believe I have tarballs of 2.1.something, 2.2, and 2.6.something
in backups of my files from old computers.  I have an extracted source
tree of 2.4 on my present home computer because I dug it out of one
such backup years ago to compare something to 3.0, and it was still
sitting there when I transferred my whole disk image last time.  I've
been keeping my own CVS repository since early in the 3.0 series but
most of my commit logs now say "merge from SourceForge ..." where the
"..." is a set of mailing list article numbers cribbed from ChangeLog.

I had a falling-out with the maintainer who took over for the 2.5
series because he was dead-set on removing all the csh-isms and making
zsh into a POSIX-conformant ksh clone, so I just stopped upgrading zsh
for a few years and don't have any records of what went on during that
time.  Saner heads prevailed around the advent of 2.6 and I came back.

Tracking this particular thing to the mailing list was as much thanks
to Zoltan not being able to spell "obsolescent" as anything else.  His
same typo appears in both very old sources and those list postings. :-)


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