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Re: (Revisited): zsh + less == hard hang of tty.

"Larry P. Schrof" wrote:
> When in zsh, if I do: less <some_file>, the terminal HARD HANGS.

It sounds like this is reproducible in your case.  Since this doesn't
seem to be a general problem, we need to find out what's different.

Does the same happen with

  zsh -c 'less <file>'

or, if not, with

  zsh -ic 'less <file>'

(which has interactive handling turned on)?  If so, the last few entries
you get with "strace" in front of the appropriate one might be
interesting.  You might get a huge amount of output in the second case
owing to initialisation files.

Otherwise, use gdb to attach to the hung process in question.  This is
most useful if zsh was compiled with debugging (configure
--enable-zsh-debug does that).

% gdb zsh
(gdb) attach 14183
(gdb) bt

However, it might actually be hung in less and zsh is simply waiting for
that to finish.

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