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Re: mb_metacharlenconv vs. tokens

Andrey Borzenkov wrote:
> Then this is very basic bug, because as simple as running function from V01 
> test results in:
> Breakpoint 2, mb_metacharlenconv (
> s=0xb7c41951 "\215\210M\211\205\215\210f\211\231\212\210zmodload -d\211\231\2
> 16:
> \204\207:\207 \205m\210 \207\214\211\216", wcp=0xbfd4ef88)
> which corresponds to the line in zmodunload:
> if [[ -z ${(M)${(f)"$(zmodload -d)"}:#*:* $m( *|)} ]]

> > It should have been 
> > untokenized at some point in the sequence leading to the call, 
> #2  0x080bd2a4 in paramsubst (l=0xbfd4f7ac, n=0xbfd4f7a0, str=0xbfd4f388,
>     qt=0, ssub=4) at /home/bor/src/zsh/Src/subst.c:1499

The problem is probably here (or around here... there's been some
recursive jiggery pokery).  We should untokenize a nested
substitution before trying to do anything with it, and only tokenize it
later if the effect of GLOB_SUBST is present.  This is roughly where I
saw the problem before.

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