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Multibyte input and Mac OS X

I wrote in some time ago about multibyte input not working the way I would expect it to on Mac OS X. I have a little bit of further information on this front. Basically if I build from CVS with "-- disable-multibye" then my OS native keyboard entry method for multibyte input works, but the zsh binary doesn't work well with trying to do something like delete a character from the current command line, it will work but sometimes the display gets off by a character or two. If I use "--enable-multibyte" then everything works great for editing but zsh seems to be grabbing characters at such a low level that my OS native keyboard entry method doesn't work. Both work in modern bash (3.2) but I like zsh more than I like bash.

Is there a way to get just the multibyte display and editing (arrowing, deleting, etc.) of multibyte characters, but to bypass the new zsh entry method and just let me use my OS entry method?

Oh yeah, I tried what several people suggested before about zle and mapping keys, unfortunately the OS isn't sending the raw keys for the keys I am trying to send, so while that would be less than ideal anyway I have yet to get it to work. Using the real input method for my keyboard layout (option-6 then e for ê) would be the best solution in my opinion.


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