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Re: Multibyte input and Mac OS X

On 2006-12-10 01:27:21 -0600, Jordan Breeding wrote:
> I wrote in some time ago about multibyte input not working the way I  
> would expect it to on Mac OS X.  I have a little bit of further  
> information on this front.  Basically if I build from CVS with "-- 
> disable-multibye" then my OS native keyboard entry method for  
> multibyte input works, but the zsh binary doesn't work well with  
> trying to do something like delete a character from the current  
> command line, it will work but sometimes the display gets off by a  
> character or two. 

I have such problems with combining characters (I don't know if
multibyte is enabled or not), but that's not related to character
input (such combining characters came from completion).

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